Daily Authenticity 1 - Beginning

Today is gonna be awesome! I just bought a Sony a6000 and today the lens comes. Finally getting into photography a tiny bit. Bought it mostly so I can document an upcoming to trip Columbia and Bolivia. One cannot take a trip to South America and not document it. At least it is a good excuse to finally get a decent potato. One needs good excuses to do things. Life is made from good excuses.

My neck hurts this morning. I think I managed to sleep upside down or something. Don’t laugh. I do that a lot. I’m not sure why but I sleep interesting, always have. I have a theory derived from conversations with similar sleeping humans. I think it has to do with a combination of a tendency to sleep soundly but also not fall into a deep sleep. I’m half awake most of the night and it leads to me moving around in all sorts of weird ways.

I’m not sure how to title these Daily Authenticity posts. I thought numbers at first, e.g "Daily Authenticity Day 1", but then it is hard to split them up into two posts. I have decided to use “Beginning” and “End” for now and see how that works. Beginning, denotes the start and end denotes well the end.

Today I will

  • [ ] Publish Daily Authenticity
  • [ ] Finish a draft of a post about experience at Valiocon
  • [ ] Reach Inbox Zero
  • [ ] Trap stray cats
  • [ ] Finish RESTification of user’s feature on REDACTED
  • [ ] Iron out SSL issues on Thinking In React
  • [ ] Start on the backend code for GetGoodAt. A sort of memrise for coders where all my books and tutorials are moving too.
  • [ ] clean room. You know how when you get back from a trip and you throw everything from your luggage around everywhere? I do that.
  • [ ] Chop wood for an hour. You have no idea how good chopping wood is for excercise. Best excercise ever.
  • [ ] Publish "Everything is a Story". Sounds cooler than it is trust me.

Today I wont

  • [ ] Eat anything unhealthy
  • [ ] Goof around with new camera for more than like 2 hours