Daily Authenticity Day 2 - Beginning

It is cold this morning. Like disappointingly cold. The planet should be ashamed of itself. It wouldn’t be so bad except I have AC installed in my window, which means the insulation is pretty terrible. It should be 75-80 not 50. Supposed to get up to 89 by next Friday. It is also raining. Which is probably a good thing, I would waste too much time playing around with my new camera.

My journaling has turned into thoughts about the weather already…

The JavaScript ecosystem is still driving me insane. I really need to put some effort into making more hactar plugins. It would help alleviate some of my frustrations I think.

I’m already feeling the lack of social being back in Idaho. I need to move to a place with a tech scene like tomorrow. Maybe I should go to a local meetup or something. But I have enough money in my bank account to Airbnb someplace for a few weeks, so maybe I should head to Seattle or Portland for a bit. I can never decide. I should just do the nomad thing and start traveling I think, I’d be happy as a digital nomad. Digital nomad it is then.

Things I Will Do Today

  • [ ] Wrap up user’s feature on REDACTED
  • [ ] Get back to a support request on ThinkingInReact
  • [ ] Make a passport appointment. I have procrastinated on this way too much, to the point it actually delayed my trip.
  • [ ] Make an appointment at vet to fix stray cats
  • [ ] Make a dentist appointment
  • [ ] Iron out SSL issues on ThinkingInReact
  • [ ] Start on backend code for GetGoodAt
  • [ ] 1 hour on treadmill
  • [ ] 30 minutes chopping wood (weather permitting)
  • [ ] Push updates to the repo
  • [ ] Publish my MathAsCode Ruby fork

Things I Will NOT Do Today

  • I will not Eat unhealthy things

(I feel like my anti-task list is usually going to be diet related)