Daily Authenticity Day 2 - End

You know those days where you have get a little stressed and that makes less you effective and then it spirals out control and everything you do turns you into a bigger ball of stress that cant get anything done? Today was one of those days.

Today started out pretty good, I woke up determined to be stupendously productive. I got the AC uninstalled from window, returned to warmth and then I set out to be insanely productive. Then I couldn’t track down the trap for the stray cats. Then I started to panic over a lack of work getting done. Then that made me worry about finances. Then I was hungry so I went to the grocery store and nearly got sideswiped. Then I finally got some work done and it was 3pm and I realized shit I made none of the appointments for next week. I had just enough time for some of them before closing, but here is the thing appointments take me a lot of prep time, I rehearse what I’m going to say for sometimes as much as an hour or two. Not being able to go through that routine made me worry I wouldn’t get the calls done and that sent me into a panic.

After some spiraling into more and more stress for a bit, I took a walk. Excercise is the best stress cure. I eventually realized that all my problems didn’t matter. So what I didn’t get what I planned to get done today. The worst that could happen wouldn’t be so bad. The stray cats might get fixed a few days later. The work might take a couple days longer. The launch of my side projects might take a few more days. Would all that be such a big deal? Nope, everything would be fine I realized.

Then I was fine.

I got literally nothing done I set out to do today. I made some progress though, which is better than nothing I suppose.

Today was meh but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow will be awesome!