Daily Authenticity Day 3 - Beginning

Late start today for all things. I need the rest though. I woke up feeling motivated. I’m going to start making and launching more things. I want to get little projects out every day. Thinking about launching a DailyUI challenge like site but for a variety of things. DailyProgramming, DailyApp, DailyWriting etc. I bet there is something already like that out there. Sort of a todo app like Seinfeld’s productivity technique could be cool. I should do some research.

I am determined to become a digital nomad in the next few weeks. All the things are in place, nothing is stopping me from traveling around the world. I’m just going to do it.

Things I Will Do Today

  • Start on backend for GetGoodAt
  • Iron out SSL issues ThinkingInReact
  • Start on some more docs and tests for features on REDACTED
  • Chop wood for 30 minutes
  • 30 minutes on treadmill

I’d like to include more, but today I’m keeping my goals simple. If I get to other stuff then awesome! But if not I just want to get all my basic goals met.

Things I Will Not Do Today

  • I will not Eat unhealthy