Daily Authenticity Day 3 - End

This is the first one of these I haven’t felt like writing. I am sleepy and would rather have headed to bed. But I don’t want to break my streak, so I am going to write one.

I think I am getting sick. My mom and sister both have some sort of cold thing. It made my mom rather ill so I’m slightly worried it will kick my butt and interfere with productivity. Hoping for the best though.

I had a pretty productive day but relaxed day. Took some personal time to just relax. I feel accomplished. The only thing I didn’t get to today was running on the treadmill and fixing SSL issues on ThinkingInReact. I walked for a good 2 hours though taking photos so I think that just about counts for the treadmill stuff.

I’m very excited about GetGoodAt. I’m finally going to have a place to put all my tutorials and books in one spot. If all goes well it will also be a great source of extra income. I just need to finish it and get it launched.

Tomorrow though. Tonight I sleep.