Daily Authenticity Day 4 - Beginning

Ever wake up and during the night you did something weird? I woke up with a ton of lint in my mouth. For some reason my brain decided to chew on my blanket in my sleep. Maybe I was battling a giant pillow blanket monster in my dreams? Who knows.

That Adventure Time episode where Finn ends up in a pillow world, is such an awesome episode. So much narrative and story packed into 15 minutes.

I’m feeling so drowsy this morning but also super motivated. Today I’m going to wrap up GetGoodAt’s code and next week I’m going to finally get some new book material out. I can do this!

Things I Will Do Today

  • Wrap up backend for GetGoodAt
  • Chop wood for 30 minutes
  • Relax and nap
  • go for a long walk
  • study spanish for an hour
  • inbox zero

Things I Will Not Do Today

  • I will not eat unhealthy