Daily Authenticity Day 4 - End

Today was pretty good. Adequately productive and super relaxing. I’m drinking alcohol right now, a mike’s hard lemonade. I have never drank much at all (like literally once or twice a year) but had a craving for alcohol this weekend. I think Valiocon social drinking stuck a bit.

I got most of what I wanted to get done today done. Didn’t make as much progress on GetGoodAt as I would have hoped, but the shape of it is clear to me now. Now I just need the hours to code it.

I have been thinking a lot about dev tools and how they are terrible. There are two huge problems with the current ecosystem;

  1. Tools require massive amounts of boilerplate and knowledge to get up and running
  2. Dev tools are completely disconnected from the design process

The first of these is reflected in the JS ecosystem more than any other. We have 1000s of boilerplates, the it library changes every day and the best practices move faster than you can git clone.

It shouldn’t take boilerplate to get up and running. A boilerplate is a silly solution to a fundamentally broken system. We should have all we need to just get going, we shouldn’t have to use a boilerplate.

Solutions up to now have focused on throwing abstractions at problem. We get more libraries, more boilerplates, more blog posts. All these end up doing is adding more to the fray, confusing more than helping.

I think there is room for an alternative solution. One that figures out best practices for you, one that writes code for you. An AI pair programmer that eliminates all the hard parts. Hactar will be this. I’m determined to make it so.

The other huge issue with our tools is their disconnect from the design process. It annoys me to no end that I cant simply prototype the design and immediately have some code to work with. Then jump into code, then jump back to design mode.

The tools we use to design should work on the same code. We should be able to use design tools that make edits and changes to css, markup and animations.

I’m not talking about conversion, I’m talking about the same data. Like vector editors work well svgs we should have design tools that work well with React.

I had hoped Maccaw would churn out tools that did this, but they never did. I think Webflow is firmly focused on CMS. InVision is focused on prototyping and Sketch tools.

We need tools. I cant wait to build them.

Looking forward to this week. Stuff is coming together work wise and side project wise. Going to be an awesome week!