Daily Authenticity Day 9 - Beginning

Been a bit since my last entry, took a bit of a break to figure shit out. I have been thinking a lot about how I don’t want to be defined by my anxieties. A life where it takes me years to become comfortable with phone calls and traveling to new places is not the life I want. I worry I will wake up one day old and disappointed in myself. Disappointed over how I never got the skills and the bravery to live the life I want.

If you wait for life to push you past your comfort zone you will be rarely tested. To get the life I want I’m going to need to make a serious effort to continuously push beyond on my comfort zone. I have a new plan. I’m going to assemble a list of all my fears and anxieties and start conquering them one by one. “Daily Fear” or something. I will be open about it and blog about every single fear. I will be better every day than I was yesterday and eventually I will find myself with the skills to live the life I want to live.

I have decided to segment off work hours and side project hours. Now working 10-3 like a more sane human. Why 10-3 and not 10-6 or 9-5? Because at least for now, is a 7 day a week schedule. I prefer the routine of 10-3 ever day. I plan to work fully nearly every minute of those hours, but when 3pm rolls around I’m done.

Right now I have a chronic problem of letting work happen at any random hour, it works sort of okay for freelance but now that I have only one job (working at Plasso), I need saner work habits. 10-3 seems like a sane plan. Part of me feels like I should mirror normal work hours better, but I’m going to take advantage of the remote nature to do what works best for me.

Come 3pm every day I’m done with work and can do whatever I want. That is going to be freeing and will hopefully give me some of my sanity back.

Cool tech tip this morning, did you know iTunes has sorting fields? I didn’t. For the life of me I could not figure out how to merge some artists and songs. In past versions I always solved this with a “Get Info” on all songs and changing the fields to match. This doesn’t work for some artists and song and it was driving me insane. Turns out there are separate fields for sorting that determine how things get displayed/merged. Editing those can fix it! Awesome!

GetGoodAt went through a bit of restructuring as I hit roadblocks coding it. The original architecture relied on importing static content into the DB. This was just getting too complicated. There are too many content types and structures to think about. I couldn’t get the flexibility I needed and I also worried about how well it would scale.

I started to realize though that there was no reason the courses had to be Markdown files. I’m a coder, I don’t have to use plain Markdown + extensions + complicated imports. Now everything from courses to challenges lives as code. The metadata for course instead of being stored in yaml headers is stored in as plain JS. The courses and articles themselves are just React components and are routed using react-router. Webpack loaders take care of importing Markdown bits.

I’m not sure how this would work for people building their own courses. But if I ever need contributors we can use GitHub, they write their courses and GitHub webhooks would take of the importing.

But part of the brand anyway will be that it is just me, so I don’t foresee a need for contributors anyway.

I’m super excited about launching a central source for all the content I have created in the past, and will create in the future. Also, the memrise like challenge aspects are going to change the way you learn code stuff.

I think I shall spend the workday listening to LIGHTS. Time to get to work.